Chris Larkin


2014: A Year of Collaboration

2014 was a year of collaboration. Last year I collaborated with some of the most talented individuals I know, and together with them, produced quality work I could […]

Double Happy vs the Infinite Sadness

I have been providing music and sound design for 2xCube’s game Double Happy vs the Infinite Sadness. Above is the trailer which features my work.

Expand and FMOD: Interactive music elements

For circular labyrinth maze adventure game Expand, we use an engine called FMOD to implement the music into the game.

Seek Light

Client: The University of Adelaide

Paperclip Apocalypse: Awarded Best Sound Design at the AADC Awards

My work on Red Cross: Paperclip Apocalypse was recently awarded Best Sound Design at the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Awards.

Figaro Pho

I recently provided music for the children’s TV series Figaro Pho, directed by Luke Jurevicius and produced by Chocolate Liberation Front.

Hatland Adventures

Provided music and sound design for Fractal Alligator’s fast-paced platformer: “Hatland Adventures”.


Recently provided the musical score for Makoto Koji’s “Ko-Oni” (Little Troll)

Central Texas Barbecue

This film is not just about meat. It is a study of barbecue as a way of life, as a “path to salvation”. I worked very closely on […]