2014: A Year of Collaboration

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2014 was a year of collaboration. Last year I collaborated with some of the most talented individuals I know, and together with them, produced quality work I could not have done alone.

I’d like to start by showing a track that involved a collaboration with composer and talented musician Justin Pounsett (above). I provided the composition and base arrangement, and Justin came on board to provide guitar, synth drumming and vocals. It isn’t always easy for a composer to approach another composer for the purpose of collaboration, but I can say with absolute confidence that this was one of the best decisions I made all year. This piece was commissioned by and written for Santos, for their 60th Anniversary. Also a nice piece to “round off” the year.

I collaborated with writer and director Victoria Cocks, and producers Kirsty Stark and Madman Entertainment on the score for miniseries “Wastelander Panda: Exile.” With the help of some talented musicians, we constructed an hour-long musical sound-world for the wasteland, and the story within it. The project will be available soon for purchase, alongside a soundtrack. Watch this space!

I have been collaborating closely with game designer Christopher Johnson on a video game called “Expand.” In 2014, Expand was very well received, including selections at the Tokyo Game Show, PAX Australia in Melbourne, and selections at the Out of Index and Ludicious video game festivals.

I have collaborated with Monkeystack on a series of videos for Red Cross Australia, one of which achieved Best Sound Design at the AADC awards 2014. The videos include a series on a group of superheroes who, despite saving the day, require some serious first-aid attention!

Mid 2014 I worked on a documentary called “Central Texas Barbecue” with Urtext films. The work involved collaboration with director Matt Salleh, and with lead second violinist of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Lachlan Bramble. Lachlan’s contributions involved exquisite lead violin playing, laying down many of the melodies, ostinatos and harmonies in my score. Once the score was done, I worked very closely with Matthew Salleh of Urtext on adjustments and the mix, and the film went on to be screened at the Sydney International Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Antenna Documentary Film Festival.

Which brings us to 2015. Firstly, Urtext received funding for their feature “Barbecue,” based on themes established in Central Texas Barbecue. I will also be collaborating closely with Luke Jurevicius and Michael Darren on the “New Adventures of Figaro Pho” children’s animation. And finally, I have been preparing a solo project which involves a regular output of fun, and slightly experimental compositions. More details to come.

Bring on 2015!


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