Expand and FMOD: Interactive music elements

Seek Light
Double Happy vs the Infinite Sadness

For circular labyrinth maze adventure game Expand, we use an engine called FMOD to implement the music into the game.

FMOD allows for the music to change and adapt based on parametres set up by myself and programmer Chris Johnson.

In some parts of the game we have multi-layered music, in which different instruments or sounds are added or taken away depending on the player’s location. This is done through various steps.

Firstly, we compose the “main” track. This is the first variation with the least number of layers.

Then we start adding layers to the composition.. This next excerpt is from the 2nd variation…

And a third. This now includes more rhythmic activity with synths and percussion…

Finally, here is an example of all layers cross-fading between one another…

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