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Welcome to the blog and website of Christopher Larkin, composer and sound designer for film, games, TV and multimedia. Here you will find information on his recent projects.



This unique experience is well-paced, polished, and brimming with ideas, and backed by one of the best scores I’ve heard in years. – Cam Shea, IGN

Expand is a minimalist videogame in which you guide a pink square around a circular labyrinth. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Chris Johnson on the game on and off over the past 4 years, and while the game’s score develops and becomes richer as you progress through the game, it is also a musical commentary on my development as a composer, and a person.

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Beware of the Glitch

Pac Man 256

I recently did the sound for the latest Pac-Man game, Pac-Man 256. Developed by Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets, this game takes from the original classic and puts it in a new context. The world is no longer straight top down, but on an angle, similar to Crossy Road, and the player is chased by an ominous glitch wall, based on the glitch found in level 256 of the original game.

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Mitsubishi Challenger

Last year I provided the heavy drumming music to Mitsubishi’s Challenger advertisement in collaboration with Jamshop.

2014: A Year of Collaboration

2014 was a year of collaboration. Last year I collaborated with some of the most talented individuals I know, and together with them, produced quality work I could not have done alone.

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Double Happy vs the Infinite Sadness

I have been providing music and sound design for 2xCube’s game Double Happy vs the Infinite Sadness. Above is the trailer which features my work.


Figaro Pho

I recently provided music for the children’s TV series Figaro Pho, directed by Luke Jurevicius and produced by Chocolate Liberation Front.

Hatland Adventures

Provided music and sound design for Fractal Alligator’s fast-paced platformer: “Hatland Adventures”.