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Central Texas Barbecue

This film is not just about meat. It is a study of barbecue as a way of life, as a “path to salvation”.

I worked very closely on the score with director Matthew Salleh.

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CYE close your eyes film boston

Chris’ score for Close Your Eyes nominated for Best Composition at SASA

Close Your Eyes, a sci-fi suspense film recently selected for the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, is a piece about Delaney, an ex-codebreaker roped into a unique mission to crack a valuable frequency embedded in an unknown alien signal. It was a pleasure working with Director Tom Phillips on the score for this film, which has been nominated for “Best Composition” at the South Australian Screen Awards.

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Typography and the Creative Process

Typography, Ukelele, and the Creative Process

Not that long ago I was asked to do make a quick music track for a short doco that Urtext Films were putting together. I was told the video was put together rather quickly, and they wanted a simple underscore, possibly in the form of a solo instrument or two to accompany the visuals and dialogue. Viewing and underscoring this video brought about a few thoughts regarding the creative process, new technology, and ideas on the ‘human element’ that I would like to share in this blog entry.

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Wastelander Panda Trailer

This is a trailer I provided the music for recently. It is currently a staff-picked video on Vimeo, and has received over 30,000 views and counting! It was fantastic to collaborate with the director Victoria Cocks on this project.



Clarence’s Kite to Tropfest

Last month I completed the score for a beautiful short 3d animated film called Clarence’s Kite. It now has been shortlisted for Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival.

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Aurora Premier!

Over 300 people turned up for the premier at Piccadilly Cinema, August the 1st, 2011! It was a fantastic night, and the film was received well among all those who came. It was also fantastic to finally meet those members of the crew and cast who’s work I had been admiring during the composition and production of the score!

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